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How to participate

Foreigners intending to participate to the conference need to possess a passport of their country valid for at least six months after the planned departure date. You may also need a VISA to come to Italy.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy is responsible for issuance of Italian VISAs to foreign nationals for their visit for various purposes.

Submission of the required documentation does not automatically guarantee VISA issuance. Italy is a member of European Union, and it applies the Schengen Acquis in full. If you are in possess of a Schengen VISA you are allowed to circulate in the Schengen Area for stays up to 90 days. Upon entering Italy and the Schengen Area, even if you have a VISA, Border Authorities are authorised once again to check the documents required for issuance of the VISA.

Which documents do you need?

You can visit the website for acquiring the information needed. A guided procedure will help you to find out which are the supporting documentation needed for applying for the VISA based on your nationality, country of residence, reasons for your visit and length of your staying. The system will also advise you about the nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate for applying for the VISA.
Other documents such as an invitation letter by an Italian host, proof you have the financial means for a trip to Italy or a round-trip ticket, may be required from you.

invitation letter

If you need an invitation letter to get a VISA, please contact Registration Chairs Alessandra Rossi and Roxana Agrigoroaie at as soon as you receive the notification of acceptance of your paper. This is really important because you might not receive in time a VISA issuance.


that invitation letters will only be provided to authors of accepted papers or active members of the IEEE RO-MAN community. Please include the following information in your request:

Date of Birth:
Passport Number:
Paper Title (or Motivation):

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